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Suggest a *coin faucet!

At the moment we still don't have a form for a submission, but you can send us an e-mail at

Before submitting please make sure it is not already in the list and that it fits our rules:
- the faucet does not redirect before the user has claimed
- max interval between claims 2880 minutes
- max wait time on page 180 sec
- Min REF 5% but at least 1 satoshi
- No frames
- does not block any of our addresses - 1Po9cWPPqfykFG1Zdrba7bkEcnkbq98BVD, 1MakeJar79wqjDyqNagES7AaX9GwdtfqvS, 1Ge1uiC7RSVGGD3foaLXLyii4VJNvaHLpD, 1WM23gZVyV3pHyQcLj7phCzCr6P8Axau8, 3B2kyKgNXZksGg2aB77FmN3z7o3AyJyThb, LiSRHnBkTy7HqaTVPK2Ah1i8uyGgUTdAhC, LiSmvU4dUM194ehVnYjevWhbNVseSnb816, LSx9JPu8CwzdbhqszqZFcU4yenMd8jmkgn, D5BJUPNZ8iC1FDVcDgQ5E3uP8ca8cri1BS, D8RfwHuEZM7GMcLT1HWA9ukVjW8oTthH9T, XupLvK8pbqvQMGmQa25nCHrHqZzWoRoALD, XnpxtAZZ7c6eqM4hPDa53V9s652C7XwSF8 (no, we are not going to claim from all of them but we need them to check if faucets are working properly)
- No Malware
- No faucetfly
- Does not go into "Safety Limit" in less than 5 minutes since reset
- If you use clickjack (not suggested at all) then it should not prevent users from claiming
- pop-ups (up to certain level) are allowed (if FireFox running in strict mode is able to automatically prevent them)
- for faucets with threshold - min accumulated amount should be below 20k satoshi and should be achievable with less than 200 claims.
- if you are using geolocation to have different rewards or to ban users by country please let us now your setup.
- if you want us to hide your faucet from the suspicious users (currently less than 5% of our users are detected as suspicious but only 20% of them are really using VPN/VPS or PROXY which means about 1% "bad" users in total) let us know.
- please make note that we use autochecker to track faucet health.
- XAPO faucets should accept BTC address as REF address. We do not support spam and will not accept faucets requiring e-mail address.
- We do not accept DOGECOIN ePay faucets (it is buggy, they don't want to fix).
- Temporary (until ePay start paying again) we do not accept new BITCOIN ePay faucets.

We reserve our right to refuse adding a faucet if:
- it requires registration (it is good practice against bots, but results in tons of spam at the end)
- in case of direct paying faucets we need proof of payment (99% of the direct faucets in the past year turned into exit-scams)

This list is going to grow with the time. But not having clear rules will turn our list into a jungle. Thanks for understanding.

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