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Hostinger is not an answer, it is a question and the answer is NO!!!

For more than a year we are watching how this company turns their "free" users into a free leads, stealing all the SEO work.

2000 MB disk space and 100GB bandwidth looks really generous for a free plan. Unfortunately there is always a catch. Once you move your website there and receive 10-15 visitors ... all your next visitors will be redirected to their homepage explaining that you have exceeds their CPU limit. LOL, CPU limit? What is the CPU limit 0.0000001%, or lower? And if it so low why there is nothing about it in their offer? Is this the way to get new paid customers?

All good, they need to make money, right? Unfortunately in the past 3 days we've got many reports from paying customers (yes, even premium ones) getting their accounts suspended and prepaid money being stolen for no reason from the same company.

Luckily our website was never hosted there. Almost since the beginning we are using DigitalOcean and we had less than 2 minutes of downtime this year (mainly our fault). Yes, they are VPS company (not a simple hosting company). There is no cpanel, but they have really rich FAQ how to setup and maintain your own healthy server.

At $5/month (their smallest plan) you get a server that is able to survive over million requests per day.

Use the reflink to get $10 for free :)

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