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Is cointraffic.io SCAM?

About a year ago I've got a proposition to put ads on the Best Bitcoin Faucet List. Usually I directly refuse ad propositions since I like having ad-free list, but since the income from the list barely pays for the hosting I decided to give it a go.

The proposition sounded like:

Hello http://bit.makejar.com admin.
My name is Viktoria and I'm a publisher manager
in CoinTraffic.io (crypto advertising network).
I just recently found your website and will be glad to discuss
advertising options with you.

You have very interesting content and I would like offer to
get additional income.

Who we are?

... bla bla bla ...

I invite you to give our network a try to see how much you can earn.
If yes, let me know what formats would you like to have and
I will send you the codes so you could see how it works for you.

Please keep me informed on your decision.

Best regards,


First experience - sign-up process - extremely buggy.

Second experience - few months later they changed their terms and conditions increasing the min threshold to 25 EUR from 10 EUR.

Third experience - again few months later I realized they started to count only 10~20% of what they get.

Fourth experience - The ads stopped appearing.

So I ended-up having 16~17 EUR and not being able to withdraw.

Lurking at bitcointalk I've found many other website owners being scammed in exactly the same way.

I decided that it is not worth contacting them.

From now on the faucet list will be ad-free again :)

For me cointraffic.io = SCAM. How about you?

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