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Best paying shortlinks and pure scams (December 2021)!

This list is partially available also inside the latest Faucet In A Box ultimate and is constantly updated thanks to all reports from our users.

If you know more well paying shortlink services you can suggest a shortlink service.

Don't get scammed and constantly check our list for new add-ons/removals/reports.

Never use the same password in more than one shortlink service / forum / exchange etc. or you will loose more than you think.

📊 - Min. CPM
🌍 - Pass-Through Rate (higher - better)
🎰 - Friendly Score
🔨 - Free API
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🔗 ashort1a.xyz - 📊 $1.00+ 💸PAYOUT CONFIRMED
🌍 56.3%
🎰 🌟🌟🌟🌟   🔨 Free API
⌚ 1 visitors per IP per 24h
💰 Bank Transfer: $105.000000, Bitcoin ( -10%): $10.000000, cih bank: $50.000000, expresscrypto-Tether TRC-20(- -8%): $5.000000, faucethub: $1.000000, Faucetpay -Tether TRC-20(-8%): $5.000000, JIBIPRO: $1.000000, My Wallet: $0.500000, Payeer ( -7%): $5.000000, PayPal ( -8%-Paypal fees): $5.000000, Tether US binance(- 2%)On a wallet- p2p: $0.500000
📅 Pays daily
💬 6
🎯 🌟🌟🌟

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By: 🕵***
06.04.2021 22:09:23
Rating: 💩
pff imposibile to complete the shortlink , too many redirects also redirects , every click open 5 page. Not recomand

By: quickcrypto.tk
01.03.2021 12:38:02
Can't even sign up, reCaptcha saying invalid key.

By: shortstar.club
06.02.2020 22:55:17
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pay in an hour after ordering is very good cpm 1.6

By: eth.frogsfaucet.site
26.12.2019 02:42:19
Rating: 💩
🔗 327 👍 52 ⚖ 15.9% omg!

By: bitcofaucet.com
01.11.2019 19:56:03
They decreased minimum cpm rate, my average cpm rate showing $0.80

By: faucet.makejar.com
27.08.2019 19:34:08
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Paid in minutes after requesting.

Last update: 05 December 2021

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