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Suggest a *coin faucet!

At the moment we still don't have a form for a submission, but you can send us an e-mail at

Before submitting please make sure it is not already in the list and that it fits our rules:
- the faucet does not redirect before the user has claimed
- max interval between claims 2880 minutes
- max wait time on page 180 sec
- Min REF 5% but at least 1 satoshi (or equivalent to 1 satoshi)
- No frames
- does not block any of our addresses:
1MakeJar79wqjDyqNagES7AaX9GwdtfqvS (main BTC faucets),
LiSRHnBkTy7HqaTVPK2Ah1i8uyGgUTdAhC (LTC faucets),
D5BJUPNZ8iC1FDVcDgQ5E3uP8ca8cri1BS (DOGE faucets),
XupLvK8pbqvQMGmQa25nCHrHqZzWoRoALD (DASH faucets),
1JGeKEeMDifyAuwBRnJiAtdAsrHBTV89Ci / qz7klp4haaaw9rasdxrx0l0xm2sd4v9mtqhamcgn7k (BCH faucets),
BF3UMd91wFYWfSNxyoyA8KcLsZHQWZqXxk (BLK faucets),
PUP19SDdyNiJk4PkoCqSKKqWhpszwKFdaJ (PPC faucets),
AVUkd3R72nBZgARnhRuwyzd2iHoNuTpc8n (XPM faucets),
2UPoitahYQpZCeGdqnbgsGQUQP7qhh5Agq (BTX faucets),
0x361417bdceef4ffa318bf7e83a0e7ce94340e152 (ETH),
PBBueNu1r7GnWAqRKbgse87xJTjudKEemt (POT),
DDYp4GMtc4n8biUF8nWtFpAKU4CQEgE2yJ (DGB),
41mXcykZChqD8jT2EmsJZZb2poXoDS6Sq6cjtzM9NY6jj6WPuMMSzu8HZHuMnJYPD431fuPAQ9FTJX9VY54JPfFm558DJe5 (XMR),
t1ZbqhzwP9ac4ksRwiCF95mA9LPXL5y383L (ZEC)

- No Malware
- No faucetfly
- No redirecting-out upon visit
- No "Safety Limit" without a reason
- If you use clickjack (not suggested at all) then it should not prevent users from claiming
- pop-ups (up to certain level) are allowed (if FireFox running in strict mode is able to automatically prevent them)
- for faucets with threshold - min accumulated amount should be achievable with less than 100 claims (5 claims if you are using free hosting).
- if you are using geolocation to have different rewards or to ban users by country please let us now your setup so we can hide your faucets from the users you don't want.
- please make note that we use autochecker to track faucet health.
- We don't support XAPO faucets anymore.

We reserve our right to refuse adding a faucet if:
- it requires registration (it is good practice against bots, but results in tons of spam or password-hack attempts at the end).
- in case of direct paying faucets or faucets with high threshold we charge a fee of 0.005 BTC/month for a direct (non REF) link OR a returnable one-time deposit of 0.01 BTC for a reflink (we will share it with our users if you exitscam).

This list is going to grow with the time. But not having clear rules will turn our list into a jungle. Thanks for understanding.

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