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What means Q X.XX and how it works?

Lately we've been swarmed by scammy faucets having high reward but in reality not paying at all sitting at the top.

In March I had to read about 10 e-mails from long term faucet users saying that they have to leave the community because they felt abused by all the bad practices used nowadays.

It is really disappointing after 1.5 years of work to see more users going away than coming in.

Actually a year ago most of us were happy to claim from fresh, original and interesting faucets paying 100~200 satoshi per claim. There were almost no bots.

What has happened, are they dead?

Ofc. not, they are still in the game, but most of them are in that part of the list nobody cares about.

We needed a fair and simple algorithm that excludes the human factor to sort out good, paying faucets from the bad ones.

Since sometimes the simplest answer is the best one we decided to user: Q=V/R where:
- V - count of the (logged in) visitors sent to a faucet
- R - REF payouts detected
We are able to detect 20~100% of the REF payouts depending on the load as a result we assume:
- faucets with - Q<3 - have 100% success rate.
- faucets with - Q>3 AND Q<6 - have nearly 100% success rate still trustworthy.
- faucets with - Q>6 AND Q<9 - most likely have some issues with Safety Limit or has some type of geolocation but did not inform us about it. Please report if you are unable to claim.
- faucets with - Q>9 - have technical issues or are scammy by design.

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